Taste Bud Reset™

It takes just seven days to train your body to
absolutely love the taste of healthy food!

Want to fall in love with healthy food?

...But don't have the energy or willpower to get it right?

The Taste Bud Reset can help you fall back in love with the taste of healthy food in just seven short days!


I don't care if you're omnivore, carnivore or a junk food vegan. Here's the simple truth:

You can get your body to love the taste of healthy food.

And when you do, there's no need for willpower and deprivation, because

It's easy to eat healthy when healthy food tastes great!

My revolutionary new Taste Bud Reset™ program will take just seven days to transform your body
into one that adores and prefers plant-fuel.

If you could get your eating goals on track and finally start working towards that awesome bikini body
would you press the big red button?



Perhaps you:

• Are addicted to sugary, salty and fatty foods.

• Want to eat plant-based but worry about FOMO from cheese/meat/eggs ... 

• Find healthy food unappealing.

• Struggle with food cravings.

• Need help getting your eating habits back on track.

• Are already vegan, but you've been indulging in the junky shit waaaay too much.

• Just want to incorporate more fruit and veg in your diet.

This is exactly why I created the Taste Bud Reset™ that everyone can do!

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, slender or overweight, vegan or not -
I've created this program so it will work for everyone.

In only 7 days you will see real, measurable, health results
AND rediscover a love for healthy natural food!

With a novel approach that's unlike anything else out there you'll go from
struggling with healthy food to absolutely craving it!

I created this program when I realised eating healthy was too hard.

I couldn't enjoy healthy food without adding tons of (usually unhealthy) seasoning. I was constantly craving naughty treats. I just couldn't enjoy the process of being healthy.

That's why I decided to do something about it! After much research I found the little-known book The Pleasure Trap, by Douglas J. Lile and Arthur Goldhamer.

Using the book's teachings as inspiration I created this program, and was astounded by the results.

In only 7 days my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure dramatically improved.

Plus I was loving incredibly simple dishes. A simple boiled potato now tasted like the most amazing delicacy, and a punnet of blueberries tasted better than any ice cream I had ever had.

I have given this program to many people. They have all had the same amazing results - and you can too!


A lot of thought (and work) has gone into making the Reset as streamlined as possible. We've cut all the fluff and unnecessary bits while ensuring it will work for you.

This program contains everything you need, step-by-step.


A comprehensive preparation phase to ensure you make the most of your Reset. Most juice fasts fail due to a lack of preparation, or misguided preparation. 


Where the rubber meets the road! The juice fast phase will reset your taste buds to make healthy food a pleasure to eat. At the end of the phase you'll complete a short test to measure how effective it was.


There's a right way and a wrong way to exit a fast. In the flourish phase, you'll learn how to do it right, so that you are set up for success long after the program ends. You'll learn how to minimise a relapse to old habits while feeling the benefits of your new, healthier lifestyle.



You guessed it, if something's too good to be true there has to be a catch, right?

Because you are breaking down years (decades) of habits and culinary expectations this program can be very difficult for some to complete.

We've made it simple, but it's not easy.

There is no magic pill: it is hard to break out of old habits and learn new ones. That's why this program is meant only for those who are committed to changing their health for the better.

And when you're done you won't want ice cream: a simple bowl of blueberries will feel like an amazing treat!

Difficult it may be, but you can do it.

And once you have, you'll be so glad you did!

Our team of coaches will be there (virtually) to hold you hand every step of the way!

The Fastest Way to Fall In Love With Healthy Food

I get it. Deep down inside you want to be healthy. But sometimes it feels like it's just not possible to make it happen. What if you could finally stop spinning your wheels and create the beautiful and healthy body you've been dreaming of? It's time!

What's Included: A complete, step-by-step set of instructions (90+ pages!) to reset your body back to a state where it loves the taste of healthy food.


You'll Also Get These Bonuses

Lifetime Membership & Facebook Group

Where you can get feedback, ask questions and connect with other #PlantBods just like you!

Smoothie Recipe Book

Continue to flood your body with nutrition after the fast by adding healthy smoothies to your life. Here are 20 delicious smoothie recipes to make it easy!

...and more to come!

This is the perfect program for YOU if...

You know you want to eat healthier but the amount of willpower it requires means you are often making poor eating choices.

The amount of information on HOW to start is so overwhelming you don't know where to start.

You are a busy woman who simply does not have the time to plan and research everything needed to make a success of a healthier diet.


Here's What You're Really Getting ...

  • The Taste Bud Reset™: ~70 Page Program with everything you need to wipe your taste bud slate clean so that healthy food tastes amazing. 

  • Measurement guide: Stay motivated by tracking your physical progress and how your body changes (and improves!) over time. 

  • Template Doctor's Letters: Ensure you do the reset in a safe and healthy way by getting sign-off from your doctor with these guided interactions. 

  • Blood Test Results Explained: Gives you a clear understanding of the changes you will see in your blood tests to be better informed about how your health is improving.

  • Equipment Checklist: A clear and concise breakdown - with explanations - of all the required and recommended equipment you'll need to complete the reset successfully. 

  • Comprehensive FAQ: You have questions? We have answers! The comprehensive FAQ answers all the questions you may have - and if you come up with one we haven't covered get in touch with our support team!

  • Fasting Schedule: A detailed fasting schedule with instructions on how to customise it to fit your unique needs.

  • Juice Recipes: A set of six juice recipes you can make with readily available ingredients to consume during your fast. These recipes are healthy and have been designed with sugar content taken into consideration.

  • Juice Blueprint: Our simple formula you can use to design your very own juices, while ensuring they're balanced and nutritious. 

  • Re-Entry Meals: A number of incredibly simple recipes to make and eat the day after your fast has concluded. It can be tricky to reintroduce solid food the correct way!

  • 3-Day Meal Plan: A meal plan detailing all meals for three days after your fast has finished. Simple to make, and highly nutritious - you'll be amazed by how good they taste!

  • BONUS #1: Lifetime Membership & Facebook Group. 

  • BONUS #2: Smoothie Recipe Book with 20 Healthy Recipes

Get Started Today for Only $47

Everything you need
to start loving the taste of healthy food!

This paint-by-numbers program is a yo-yo dieter's dream. No more battles with willpower, pills or potions. Follow each step to completely transform your taste buds in a matter of days!

And if you're unhappy for any reason whatsoever we offer a 14-day money back guarantee - no questions asked!


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